FREE safe Cricket Stream?

mgc54, Feb 27, 9:47pm
A far as I know there is to be no TV free-to-air NZ ver Aus cricket this afternoon.
Does anyone have a free, safe malware free cricket stream on the net?
I have been infected with malware from free Bathurst 1000 streams in the past so am quite wary.
Thank You.

clip1, Feb 27, 9:57pm

mgc54, Feb 27, 10:31pm
TY clip1 but my ESET Smart security anti virus blocks that URL's plug in as unsafe?

clip1, Feb 27, 10:39pm
Just put some tin foil on your head, and a plaster on the underside of your mouse, and your good to go.

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 10:42pm
I've never seen a non-safe stream, but then I've got many sites blocked via HOSTS.ZIP, SpywareBlaster, and NoScript.

mr-word, Feb 27, 11:42pm
Try this site. I tested the links and the streams work but they are six days behind.

mgc54, Feb 27, 11:47pm
TY mr-word, but I get adware from those websites, they don't stream for me sadly. I think I will give up and just live with live score updates from somewhere.

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 11:56pm

mr-word, Feb 27, 11:58pm

Click on itv4 channel. Only highlights

mgc54, Feb 28, 12:01am
2pm I think?

mr-word, Feb 28, 1:02am
use adblock plus.

zak410, Feb 28, 1:03am

mgc54, Feb 28, 1:29am
Listening to the radio! LOL 91.7FM Radio Sport Live commentary

mr-word, Feb 28, 1:42am
Links in #12 and #8 work. You need latest adobe flashplayer and adblock pro and maximise screen in video players.

shall, Feb 28, 4:09am
extracover is normally good. good stream today

thunderflash, Mar 15, 8:33am

velenski, May 17, 2:54pm

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