Help - how do i restore the large print on my pc

jane310567, Jul 10, 7:28am
Help - how do i restore the large print on my pc I have Windows Vista on a large 22 screen. Last week it was large print display and now for some reason has gone to small print so everything is about half the size. I do not know v much about pc's - wot do i do?

r.g.nixon, Jul 10, 7:47am
The text in what program? Icon descriptions, Outlook Express, Internet Exploder, Microsoft Word...?

pennysaver, Jul 10, 7:55am
Try (on browser menu up top) View, Text Size, Medium

jane310567, Jul 10, 7:55am
Explorer, and trademe...

pennysaver, Jul 10, 7:58am
Oh and for it to take full effect, after you go View, Text, Medium - close right out of your browser menu and open a new one.

jane310567, Jul 10, 8:04am
Thks but no, this is not workingthe trademe tabs at top of screen are tiny and screen is towards left, not taking up full screen, ahhhhhh!

pennysaver, Jul 10, 8:06am
OK, try looking in the bottom right corner then there should be a percentage down there 50% etc, change it to 100%.

pennysaver, Jul 10, 8:07am
Bottom right corner of your screen that is.

r.g.nixon, Jul 10, 8:09am
Screen resolution? should be around 1680 x 1080 (off the top of my head) and horizontal frequency of 60 Hz. Right-click a blank part of your desktop, Properties, Settings (screen resolution is there), advanced, monitor, screen refresh rate (should be 60 Hz). May be a tad different way of finding this in Vista. I'm on XP.

jane310567, Jul 10, 9:34am
No. 9 all the settings seem as they should be to wot you said.

pennysaver, Jul 10, 10:08am
So you tried my suggestion at too?

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