People that have updated to Windows 10

Did you receive the update after registering or did you force the update?

geek_jcdm, Aug 3, 2:15 pm

1 x registering Win8.1 Home, Downloaded and updated without a hitch and no further issues
1 x ISO upgrade because update kept failing Win7 Home, but no further issues
1x Opt out of Insider Program and it switched over to normal from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro, no issues

geek_d.snell, Aug 3, 2:41 pm

Auto update failed 3 times so forced it using Media Creation tool - 'Update this PC' option.

geek_tmenz, Aug 3, 3:10 pm

Forced the update through registry editor, the only option worked for me!

geek_smoothjazz, Aug 3, 3:18 pm

I did this with my PC via M$ website.
But other 2 PCs and laptop in the house just went through fine.
Majority of people are getting 80240020 error, no explanation of the issue but it's basically saying install is interrupted (which was happening to my PC).

geek_neoslowmo, Aug 3, 3:22 pm

Download the windows 10 disc image ISO from M$ website. Unzip it and double click "setup.exe". As long as you have win7 with sp1 or win 8.1, it will go.

geek_gameboy430258, Aug 3, 3:30 pm

Automatic on 1 pc and two note book type laptops, all updated from Windows 7.

geek_zirconium, Aug 3, 3:35 pm

1 - Completed OS updates on Surface Pro (original) which I only use once every full moon.
2 - Leave machine running all night.
3 - Wake to find the Windows 10 available App present Sun morning
4 - Finally activated Win 10 middle of Sun afternoon after some false starts during the day.
5 - sending this using the Surface on Win 10 Pro.

geek_ians2, Aug 3, 6:52 pm

Downloaded via Windows download page. No problems, all my files and apps are there (incl Thunderbird settings) Easy download took 2 hrs.
Disabled Avast this has caused errors in past downloads.

geek_kaconda, Aug 3, 7:16 pm

Some of the updates came through on the 31 July (through reserving Windows 10) my computer was checked for compatibility, then a message terlling me more would come through on the 4 August, so far so good.

geek_momona, Aug 4, 9:43 am

Downloaded via update from 8.1 on Surface Pro, NO problems, I notice you have a month to revert back to original OS.

geek_shinedog, Aug 4, 10:31 am

one PC i did manually because i was impatient
the other 2 showed the update as available just by going into control panel > windows update

geek_csador, Apr 1, 3:10 am

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