MSN Bing

captaingraham, Mar 23, 8:00pm
has hijacked my computer. I have firefox set as browser and default home page. This morning bing has taken over and I cannot remove it. Help please

kevymtnz, Mar 23, 8:23pm
MSN windows live is old school and well known rubbish

captaingraham, Mar 23, 8:27pm
agreed. I cannot remove it

king1, Mar 23, 8:31pm
you'll get MSN/Bing (from Microsoft) if you installed skype (being microsoft), or other software, without unticking the boxes. In this case it is not hijacked, you have given permission for it by not opting out of the offer

nzoomed, Mar 23, 8:48pm
Its all about reading the fine print!

captaingraham, Mar 23, 9:18pm
i have NOT done a Skype update but one may have come through without my help, as many updates do. I asked for help to rectify the situation, Firefox keeps telling me it is still my home page. When I click on Ffox desktop icon, Bing opens up.Smart remarks about fine print do not help.

kew, Mar 23, 10:31pm
Try this:

Cut and paste this in to your browser:


It will open a page that allows you to permanently remove these search engines.

kew, Mar 23, 10:36pm
You need to remove the "hyphen" between the "c" and "h" of "Search"

newbie5, Mar 24, 2:21am
reinstall firefox

newbie5, Mar 24, 2:23am
reset the home page to what you want as home page

nzoomed, Mar 24, 3:20am
Im NOT saying its skype either, that is just one known example of a software install that asks for Bing, there is countless other programs that bundle Bing search, usually microsoft stuff like live essentials, but plenty of other 3rd party programs do so too.

captaingraham, Apr 23, 9:01pm
Sorted thanks.

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