Mobile Phone recommendations please

doggie72, Apr 21, 8:57am
I broke my iphone 4s last night, can't fix. Would like another iphone but wondered about other touch screen ones out there. Anyone recommend anything similar

trade_menow, Apr 21, 9:06am
Your going to open a can of worms with a question like that. you'll get those that love / hate whatever brand & iphone/android

while its good to ask but it generally turns into this over that.

id rather google what ever your thinking of read some reviews then go into a store and get a actual feel of whichever cell - now to sit back with popcorn

thecoolshop, Apr 21, 7:04pm
First ask yourself whether you want another iphone or Android.

If you want another iphone, it's simple.

If you want an Android, Google Top 10 Android phones and read about them. You can't go wrong with any of the big brands flagship devices really.

wembley1, Apr 21, 10:49pm
As others have said you are opening a can of worms.

How much do you want to spend? My kids were after new (smart) phones. I did quite a bit of research and decided on the Motorola Moto G which seemed to be the best of the cheap end smart phones.

This website is a good place to research:

wayne416, Apr 22, 12:43am
You don't have to use Google with android.

suicidemonkey, Apr 22, 12:46am

nzoomed, Apr 22, 12:57am
Go with any good flagship android phoe, such as the nexus, Samsung galaxy or even LG have some good models.

Stay away from windows phones, very little app support.

suka, Apr 22, 1:06am
Samsung or Sony

wayne416, Apr 22, 1:37am
Android is a good system and you can run it without Google, I do and don't even have Gmail. Android is my pick any day over Windows and Apple. Just my opinion.

flower_tears, Apr 22, 2:01am
For an 4s user, the answer should be quite simple, get an iPhone!.
Why do you want to switch platforms when you get used to one?

billyfieldman, Apr 22, 2:07am
Once you try Android you would never go back to iPhones, ever.

trade_menow, Apr 22, 2:25am
can of worms is open.

ross1970, Apr 22, 2:58am
honeyscat will be along soon to tell ya you have no right to voice an opinion

wayne416, Apr 22, 3:03am
I agree, there are those who like nice things and like to show it and those who like practical things that work the way you want. Android has millions of app developers doing apps be they good or bad but with the way android works you can try them without any limitations by the system developers. Android was made to be played with and that's the way i like it and almost limited only to your imagination. I run an android that is rooted and wouldn't have it any other way, battery life is extended, its faster, no advertising all over the place, it just works the way i want. Those who want nice things can also use android because there are some very nice ones out there but to some there just phones unless of course you put Apple on them.

wayne416, Apr 22, 3:09am
Opinion are what this place is all about, no one has to take notice of me or anyone else, there just opinions.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 22, 3:11am
Not true for all. I've tried Android flagship many times and always go back to iPhone.

thusisperfectio, Apr 22, 4:36am
I highly recommend a Sony Xperia Z series phone.

- Excellent camera
- Excellent battery
- Nice design
- Flexibility with sizes (Compact, Normal, Ultra)
- Waterproof

You can get the Z1 compact for ~$400 now which is a bargain for a great phone. It's really the closest Android phone size/performance wise to an iPhone.

jon9, Apr 22, 4:57am
Same here, Used an S5, S4, Z3 and a Huawai Honor 6 and wouldn't recommend any of them.

If you were used to the 4S and the size you can get a "slightly larger" iPhone 5S for round $599 nowdays or free on a lot of contracts

ruderger, Apr 22, 5:02am
Give a Windows Phone a go, a cheap phone running Windows Phone OS is still really fast, eg Lumia 635 is a great phone. If you're used to iPhone and used heaps of apps there might be some missing from WP, but it's worth a look anyway.

doggie72, Jan 23, 10:20pm
Thanks for the helpful advice. I've had a look at some of the phones people have at work today to get their opinion also. I will do some further investigating and hopefully I can find something I like that fits the budget as well.

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