Help with Node.js And/or Socket.IO

pomtom44, Oct 12, 3:57am
Afternoon all

My partner is involved in a largeish online rollplay site, and loves it, but noticed it misses some things that she thinks would make it better.
She asked if I want to help her make a RP site of her own
as I know how to make websites, (PHP html, some javascript)

I did some research and came across node and socket. which I think would be what we want for the site, however I have been thrown into the deep end a little and having a hard time trying to wrap my head around all the sockets and so on,
Plus with my uni studies i dont have as much time as Id like.

So what im wondering is, would someone who knows how to code this want to help us out?
By either helping teach node and socket. or writing the code for us and teaching us along the way?

I know its a big ask but we would be very grateful at the end
Thanks in advance

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