Can't send email from tablet in hotel

Does anyone understand "server doesn't support authentication "?

geek_jh34, Mar 25, 8:09 am

Use your providers webmail instead.

Also consider switching to a proper email provider who provides a modern, working service - and Gmail are two free options.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 25, 8:26 am

happens on email addresses. The following applies if this is the case. If not you need to recheck your settings

AFAIK they don't support SSL and authentication (ie supplying a user name and password to send mail).
Instead clear/telstra/voda will only send mail if you are on a vodafone internet connection using the clear/voda outgoing mail server.

The work around is to set up a gmail account and use that to send mail on behalf of the clear account. or use the webmail page

geek_king1, Mar 25, 8:27 am

Thanks. I remembered the Web mail (eventually ) the other problem however is trying to send a Drive Spreadsheet (I. e attachments ) as the Explorer on android has limited options.

geek_jh34, Mar 25, 9:28 am

You can install a better browser on Android, like Firefox or Chrome.

geek_ianab, Mar 25, 11:10 am

Save the spreadsheet locally from the "Drive" cloud to your tablet, open your webmail via the browser, attach the spreadsheet, send. Done in numerous times on Android tablets :)

geek_flower_tears, Apr 22, 5:28 pm

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