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Hi. I was wondering the cheapest item I need to have to make a video while I play my instrument. It needs to be HD quality and have sound.
I tried using my laptop media but doesn't appear to do HD.

geek_mpvrecruit, Jul 4, 11:53 am

HD isn't all created equal. Its just a resolution
Some HD cameras are terrible quality. Best thing to do is Google best budget HD cameras.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 4, 12:08 pm

How are you recording the instrument? Sound quality will probably suck severely if you use onboard microphone(s) on a camera.
While good HD video is nice on eg youtube, I'd far rather watch/listen to ordinary quality video with good sound than vice versa.

geek_mm12345, Jul 4, 12:41 pm

Yep. Good audio quality is far more important than good video quality.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 4, 4:07 pm

what type of phone do you have?many record in HD

geek_auricom0011, Jul 4, 4:08 pm

I was thinking of buying a phone to create the video and use the microphone I purchased. there may be a problem in syncing the video and audio. The resolution needs to be 720p.

geek_mpvrecruit, Jun 20, 9:19 am

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