PC Not Starting Up

CMOS battery 0.8v. Would that be low enough to stop my pc from starting up. I have tested the voltage outputs from the power supply and they are all good. When I turn on the power at the back of the pc the CPU fan and psu fan spin for about 5 seconds and the LEDs behind the on/reboot buttons light up for a similar time. I have removed and re-seated the RAM. No obvious signs to me of any damage to the mb. No beeps from the mb.

geek_245tee, Feb 15, 6:04 pm

if you have no beeps when RAM is removed then mobo is toast i'm afraid.

geek_king1, Feb 15, 6:24 pm

Clear the cmos in the motherboard make sure a pc speaker is hooked up to the motherboard. Make sure there is nothing shorting the motherboard.

geek_mr-word, Feb 16, 11:14 am

cmos batteries are generally 3v jobbies, 0.8 is way too low
this may not be your only problem though

geek_skin1235, Feb 16, 11:20 am

I bought a 2 pack of 3v 2032 lithium batteries for $7 from bunnings warehouse.

geek_mr-word, Feb 16, 11:58 am

Ripped off. Sometimes they are 75c, if you know where to look.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 16, 1:42 pm

good news. I replaced the battery and its all back to normal.Single beep after power up. I was nearly going to get rid of it all. I only 'discovered' the cmos battery after I had unhooked all the connections and swung the hdd chassis out. Is there a bios setting for a low cmos battery alarm?

geek_245tee, Feb 16, 9:43 pm

nope, they do show small degradation, usually things like the clock starts loosing time ( sometimes ), othertimes they just quit

geek_skin1235, Aug 6, 3:18 pm

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