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camac99, May 27, 6:58am
Supplier (v. small business) has sent me a .pdf invoice. She uses Safari and a hotmail address. When I receive in my yahoo acct and try to open in Firefox / Windows 8.1, No Joy.

Advice appreciated

r.g.nixon, May 27, 7:18am
Firefox natively opens PDF's. But if you have disabled that, then you will need to open it with another program. I use Sumatra PDF Reader (small, fast, safe).

camac99, May 27, 7:49am
Obviously didn't make myself clear. I have no trouble opening pdf's. Sender says she sent 1 page "xxx.pdf" file, when it reaches me it is "xxx.webarchive" and is 2.6MB rather that c100kb which is the size of pdf's from other suppliers
Thanks for attention

r.g.nixon, May 27, 7:56am
If you install Safari, this might work.
Open the .webarchive in Safari then File - Print - PDF - Save as a PDF.

r.g.nixon, May 27, 7:59am
Another option:
Open the Web archive in Microsoft Office Word and then click "File" and ???Save As. ??? Pick one of the ???Web Page??? options in the drop-down list and save the file. You can then open the newly created Web page using a browser on your Windows computer.

camac99, May 27, 8:33am
Old fashioned solution - she dropped a copy in my "real" mailbox, so I have now paid the bill.

She is starting her business and I would like to help find a solution that applies to all clients.
Reluctant to load another piece of software (Safari) let alone suggest all clients should do the same
I had a problem with winmail.dat attachments where Outlook was sending RTF formating data in dat file and leaving message behind (as I understand it). Solution in Outlook was:
Tools menu, click Options, and then click Mail Format.
Under Message Format, in the Compose in this message format list, click HTML or Plain Text.
Click OK.

Is there something similar in Safari

r.g.nixon, Oct 11, 9:14am
PDF is universal.

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