Popup/ad blocker for windows & firefox

Please,getting one annoying ad that reads what am looking at on trademe and shows me "deals".I don't think is a trademe ad,likely came when I downloaded some software,but unsure what.What are some good blockers pls?.

geek_jesswils, Jul 31, 10:42 pm

geek_king1, Jul 31, 10:45 pm

geek_wayne416, Jul 31, 10:48 pm

I use Adblock Plus.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 31, 11:10 pm

Thanks ppls.I deleted some recently loaded files and it went briefly but has returned !.Will give these a go.

geek_jesswils, Aug 2, 3:42 pm

Thanks Wayne416, worked a treat!

geek_pippicat, Aug 9, 9:34 pm

If you want to unblock say Trademe, while your on Trademe just click icon and click the switch and Trademe will be unblocked until you block it sometime in the future while visiting, a good feature. Its also very very lite on resources.

geek_wayne416, Mar 7, 5:29 pm

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