Firefox v 36.0.1 Problem

b.chapman, Mar 9, 7:31pm
Firefox updated to V36.0.1 and now it does not remember recently typed URLs. Previously used the down arrow at the right of the URL bar. Now the url bar only remembers my home page.
Have I missed something?

r.g.nixon, Mar 9, 7:46pm
Don't know. Working fine on v37 beta.

hakatere1, Mar 9, 9:05pm
Problem free on version 4 here. Always has been.

rz_zone, Mar 9, 9:31pm
Check your history settings.
Settings > privacy > remember history
Location bar > history and bookmark.

b.chapman, Jun 4, 5:23am
rz_zone, hole in one. Thank you. Update must have unticked these options.

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