Malawarebytes has detected

sue193, Mar 17, 5:03am
pup.optional.searchprotect.a on my computer. I've googled it and I should remove it but it's doing my head in deciding which program I need to install to remove it. Also I'm worried i'll install more trouble so if anyone can please give me advice on the safest way to get rid of it I would appreciate the help.

r.g.nixon, Mar 17, 5:16am
You don't need to install anything. Malwarebytes offers to delete it after detecting it.

sue193, Mar 17, 5:22am
That's true and I did delete it but now I'm getting a pop up constantly saying this is trying to access my (husbands) computer and Malawarebytes is blocking it. I'd like to totally be rid of it if possible. I did the same scan on my own computer and it's fine. thanks

r.g.nixon, Mar 17, 5:27am
It sounds like you didn't do the scan with the computer in 'Safe Mode'. Just restarting the computer might make the pop-up go away, but if not, repeat the scan in Safe Mode.

sue193, Mar 17, 5:33am
Thanks, I'll try that.

sue193, Mar 17, 6:29am
Malawarebytes found another 129 instances of the same thing in safemode. All deleted and the pop up gone.
Thanks again.

metarzan, Mar 17, 6:41am
Have a look in your installed programs also.

There may be something is there that you don't need.

sue193, May 13, 4:25am
I did that thanks but there are a lot and I don't know what is necessary and what isn't.

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