What's as good or better than a Surface Pro 3?

realtrader1, Apr 30, 7:39am
Wanting to buy a tablet with click on keyboard for portability. Not gaming. Internet, typing etc. Storage of 64gb or 128gb so equiv to a Pro 2or 3. Any ideas? It's just that the Surfaces are pricey and you pay extra to get a keyboard.

king1, Apr 30, 8:35am

vtecintegra, Apr 30, 8:37am
There aren't any real competitors that are any cheaper.

black-heart, Apr 30, 9:02am
ASUS make some similar products. I have a couple of clients who really aren't that impressed with their surface pro 3's. Lock ups, having to reboot to get wireless functioning correctly, not turning on. Seem to be common problems when you google it.

vtecintegra, Apr 30, 9:12am
Asus doesn't make any similar products

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 30, 9:55am
What about a surface 3(not pro)? They should be released in a week or so.

realtrader1, Apr 30, 10:02am
Do you mean surface 4?

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 30, 10:30am

black-heart, Apr 30, 9:28pm
try googling asus transformer book.

vtecintegra, Apr 30, 9:46pm
Not similar at all - its more like a netbook internally and the form factor isn't even close

black-heart, May 1, 12:33am

i5/7 isn't netbook like at all. Sure they keyboard isn't a flimsy piece of tack o rama, but you can't have everything.

vtecintegra, May 1, 1:45am
That model isn't widely available any more and is now two generations behind hardware wise. The current one uses a Core M which is a much weaker (but more efficient) design.

Also no digitizer, a different form factor and more expensive than the Surface Pro

lostdude, May 1, 3:15am
Strange how SP3s are standard issue here at my workplace and we don't see any of these issues. Well not anymore, we did have some teething issues initially with wifi tethering to iphones, lockups etc. All resolved after updating firmware and removing apostrophes from iphone names. New ones issued in the past 3 months, we haven't heard a peep from.

black-heart, Dec 26, 9:02am
I don't call being unable to turn on a SP3 after a 12 hour flight a teething issue. Nor did I take much pleasure in talking an end user through the update process. Hence, not very impressed. They probably are the same issues but the context which I had to deal with them was painful. ( i didn't even get to sell them!)

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