Fuss over wireless charging iphone?

chito, May 29, 8:44pm
Why is it considered such a great new invention?
How do people think Transformers and cordless tooth brushes work?
The technology has been around for more than a century.

gibler, May 29, 8:47pm
so has the watch.

kevymtnz, May 29, 9:04pm
there is quite a difference

doggitt, May 29, 9:20pm
Cordless,toothbrushes charge wirelessly?


jeremy_74, May 29, 9:29pm

chito, May 29, 9:40pm
Do you own one? They sit on a holder to charge via electromagnetic field.

chito, May 29, 9:42pm
Yeah. all you need is a winding in the base unit and a winding and rectifier in the receiver unit. Not rocket science. Mr Faraday probably had one.

doggitt, May 29, 9:45pm
Ok, so have you looked into why the big fus over the iPhone one?

doggitt, May 29, 9:47pm
Wireless charging for phones first came out about five years ago from memory. But they said it was problematic.
I know the technology existed earlier.

doggitt, May 29, 9:48pm
From wiki


Lower efficiency, waste heat ??

remmers, May 29, 9:50pm
Fuss over wireless charging iPhone?

You sure the iPhone has wireless charging?

doggitt, May 29, 10:10pm
It's been available for quite a few phones for some time but it not that efficient.

cdb007, May 29, 11:56pm
I'm pretty sure it doesn't. The samsung S6 does.

suicidemonkey, May 30, 12:06am
things like electric toothbrushes sit in a dock on top of some metal contacts. Phones sit on a plastic matt and charge without the use of contacts.

chito, May 30, 12:07am
You are right. There are adaptors for iphone and other phones but they use the charging port.

oclaf, May 30, 2:58am
Not mine.
My toothbrush has no contacts. Just 2 halves of a transformer that come together when the toothbrush is seated in its cradle.

suicidemonkey, May 30, 3:36am
That's interesting. Ah well. You know Apple, they always did it first no matter who else did it 10 years ago.

kieran211, May 30, 4:49am
Ford didn't invent the car they just popularised it and made it desireable - still a big achievement when a company does that, then the competitors will follow.

gsimpson, Oct 3, 4:18am

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