Fuss over wireless charging iphone?

Why is it considered such a great new invention?
How do people think Transformers and cordless tooth brushes work?
The technology has been around for more than a century.

geek_chito, May 30, 8:44 am

so has the watch.

geek_gibler, May 30, 8:47 am

there is quite a difference

geek_kevymtnz, May 30, 9:04 am

Cordless,toothbrushes charge wirelessly?


geek_doggitt, May 30, 9:20 am

geek_jeremy_74, May 30, 9:29 am

Do you own one? They sit on a holder to charge via electromagnetic field.

geek_chito, May 30, 9:40 am

Yeah. all you need is a winding in the base unit and a winding and rectifier in the receiver unit. Not rocket science. Mr Faraday probably had one.

geek_chito, May 30, 9:42 am

Ok, so have you looked into why the big fus over the iPhone one?

geek_doggitt, May 30, 9:45 am

Wireless charging for phones first came out about five years ago from memory. But they said it was problematic.
I know the technology existed earlier.

geek_doggitt, May 30, 9:47 am

From wiki


Lower efficiency, waste heat ?? The main disadvantages of inductive charging are its lower efficiency and increased resistive heating in comparison to direct contact. Implementations using lower frequencies or older drive technologies charge more slowly and generate heat within most portable electronics.[citation needed]
Slower charging ?? due to the lower efficiency, devices can take longer to charge when supplied power is the same amount.
More expensive ?? Inductive charging also requires drive electronics and coils in both device and charger, increasing the complexity and cost of manufacturing.[1][2]
Newer approaches reduce transfer losses through the use of ultra thin coils, higher frequencies, and optimized drive electronics. This results in more efficient and compact chargers and receivers, facilitating their integration into mobile devices or batteries with minimal changes required.[3][4] These technologies provide charging times comparable to wired approaches, and they are rapidly finding their way into mobile devices.

For example, the Magne Charge vehicle recharger system employs high-frequency induction to deliver high power at an efficiency of 86% (6.6 kW power delivery from a 7.68 kW power draw).[5]

geek_doggitt, May 30, 9:48 am

Fuss over wireless charging iPhone?

You sure the iPhone has wireless charging?

geek_remmers, May 30, 9:50 am

It's been available for quite a few phones for some time but it not that efficient.

geek_doggitt, May 30, 10:10 am

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. The samsung S6 does.

geek_cdb007, May 30, 11:56 am

things like electric toothbrushes sit in a dock on top of some metal contacts. Phones sit on a plastic matt and charge without the use of contacts.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 30, 12:06 pm

You are right. There are adaptors for iphone and other phones but they use the charging port.

geek_chito, May 30, 12:07 pm

Not mine.
My toothbrush has no contacts. Just 2 halves of a transformer that come together when the toothbrush is seated in its cradle.

geek_oclaf, May 30, 2:58 pm

That's interesting. Ah well. You know Apple, they always did it first no matter who else did it 10 years ago.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 30, 3:36 pm

Ford didn't invent the car they just popularised it and made it desireable - still a big achievement when a company does that, then the competitors will follow.

geek_kieran211, May 30, 4:49 pm

geek_gsimpson, Oct 3, 5:18 pm

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