Tablets/phones, Iphone, Samsung

rose2004, Apr 29, 4:00am
Iphone or Samsung, tablet or phone; if tablet, wifi only or wifi and cellular.
Priorities are lightweight for travel, internet use, maps (but could use an app if I only go wifi), prefer not to spend an arm and a leg but would still like something user friendly (Have used mac and pc). I already have a phone so could get a new phone, or a tablet and still use the phone I have.
Your thoughts?

nice_lady, Apr 29, 4:11am
iphone and samsung are not the only brands available, aside from the many others there are also windows phones/tablets as well. Is there some reason you have only named these two ? Tablet can be wifi only if you have a smartphone as you can use the phone as a 'modem' it's called tethering.

raf55, Apr 29, 4:12am
Mini iPad wifi only is what I got when I was in your position
The bigger screen is what swung it compared with an iPhone, as I already had a phone etc

nice_lady, Apr 29, 4:13am
Hubby has a nexus 7 which is light and not too large and works very well.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 29, 4:37am
Nexus 7 are pretty much end of life from what I understand. What sort of budget are you talking?

rose2004, May 4, 8:59am
I'll pay what I have to, I'd just prefer that it wasn't an arm and a leg.

pyro_sniper2002, May 4, 9:00am
What do you define as "an arm and a leg"?

suicidemonkey, May 4, 9:17am
Arms and legs are worth quite a bit on the black market

brycer, May 4, 9:19am
I found an ipad mini was invaluable for travelling. Liteweight and great for those shorthaul connections that don't have screens or good movies. just remember to load a few before you leave

smoothjazz, May 4, 9:35am
How about phablets? If large screen is not a main factor, Galaxy Note 4 would make a great option on the go.

woody1946, May 5, 2:42am
Get the best and go for a Samsung 10.5 tab s, will cost around $650-$750 depending on where you shop

wron, May 5, 5:21am
IF you get this, it might pay to pay a bit more and get the model with 32G rather than the standard 16. Can fill up if you download lots of Apps. But all models have a slot for a memory card, NL threw a 32 Gig one in when I got mine.

rose2004, Dec 14, 1:59am
thanks, thinking about ipad mini, and taking my old dumb phone with me and buying a SIM card overseas for that as well.

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