Email address not a valid address?

springgrove, Aug 30, 8:38am
Sometimes when filling in online forms I put in my email address and it comes back with not a valid email? We are in rural Ch Ch and use ******** so why does it not recognise it.

tintop, Aug 30, 8:41am
Spellining is the one that catches me out.

r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 9:01am
Maybe you accidentally put a space in the first bit - before the @

springgrove, Aug 30, 9:53am
No space just our farm name **** Always comes back the same. End up using my gmail one instead, just wondered why.

sred69, Aug 30, 9:58am
Probably doesn't like all the ******, just use normal characters

king1, Aug 30, 10:21am
i often see commas instead of dots

springgrove, Aug 30, 11:39am
Lol wonder why I didn't think of that :) Nothing unusual about the name but would rather not put whole address on here.

mrfxit, Dec 28, 4:13pm
LOL yea comma's & forward slash's.
Colons & L's for long finger nails

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