Need Help For My Mum Please

gypsy271, Feb 11, 6:16pm
Ok so she has an old Acer which was working until a friend defragged it and now it won't acknowledge the CD/DVD drive. put a disk in and it says no disk, the drive had disappeared? Also she uses Firefox but now it won't work it says cant load XPCOM? We tried to system restore it back to before the guy did what he did but it wont go back before that date. We uninstalled the CD/DVD programme and then reinstalled it but still won't recognize the drive. We were going to download a free driver but we were worried we were making it worse so thought I'd try help her by posting on here. Hope someone can help two non computer minded people. Thanks

kevin16, Feb 11, 6:32pm
some 'friend',
you could try pulling the power from the cd/dvd drive, do a start, shut down, reconnect the power to the drive and restart, if you're lucky it will re-find the drive and do the driver thing,
don't download any drivers manually, it will just make things worse,.

r.g.nixon, Feb 11, 6:37pm
Defragging won't cause any of those problems.
Do the lower/upper filters thing (google it) to fix the disappeared optical drive.
CD/DVD drives don't have a program to make them work. They use a driver which is part of Windows.
Backup your Firefox settings with Mozbackup (free). Uninstall Firefox. Run CCleaner to clear out old rubbish files and the registry. Reinstall Firefox. Run Mozbackup to restore your settings (Bookmarks etc).

oclaf, Feb 11, 8:16pm
Either you're mistakenly blaming your friend, the friend did a lot more than a defrag, or your hard drive is on the way out.

Go control panel > admin tools > computer management > storage > disk management and see if your optical drive is listed. If it is, make sure it has been assigned a letter.

gypsy271, Feb 12, 4:10am
Thank you for the help I so hope I can help fix her computer issue. she can't afford to take it to a shop as her husband is dying from kidney failure and is only on one wage :-( she loves listening to music on her laptop so now its not working has really upset her.

king1, Feb 12, 4:32am
does the cd drive show up in 'My Computer'

gypsy271, Feb 12, 5:19am
No it doesn't.

king1, Feb 12, 5:29am
r/click my computer -> manage
device manager
Expand cdrom/dvd drives

does it show up there?

king1, Feb 12, 5:39am
With reference to previous post.

No: CD DVD stuffed or connection problem
Yes: Try removing the upper lower filters as R.G.Nixon suggests - its a common fault/fix. Not related to defragging, but I sometimes see it after installing Itunes

gypsy271, Feb 12, 8:32am
Yes its in there but it has a yellow exclamation mark on the drive picture which is next to the drive number.

chnman, Feb 12, 9:27am
Take a look on following link:

Maybe try resolution #2 after reading "Yellow exclamation point on CD/DVD in Device Manager".

gypsy271, Aug 19, 11:12am
Wahoo its all working. thank you so much for all the help.

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