Photo albums on a tablet

Can some one help me I two queries.
I have a Samsung Tablet SM-T310.
First of all I wonder if it is possible to put pictures I have taken on my tablet into Albums , I have looked and tried everything but cant seem to find any way to do it.
Second , I have a 32gig sd card on my tablet , but the tablet itself shows a message that says "storage space running out "
system memory is 4.25gb
used space is 10.90gb
cached data is 41.27gb
misc files storage is 466mb
avail space is 361mb
total space 29.16gb
available space is 25.73gb
Im wondering if there is some way i can transfer things on to the sd card ?

geek_chikky, Mar 11, 3:01 pm

This is for a s3 but the process is similar.

geek_rz_zone, May 26, 10:14 am

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