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Yesterday the task bar disappeared off my computer, I have goggled it for fixes - ctrl+Alt+Del takes me to Task manager - processes - delete explorer.exe - new task type in explorer.exe ok, nothing happens, I have tried a few times,I just want my Task Bar back, help please, thank you.

geek_eejay2, Apr 5, 6:21 am

It could be hiding. Presuming you have the task bar in the default position (bottom of screen) move the mouse cursor to the very bottom of the screen, left click and hold whilst dragging cursor upwards.

geek_asmawa1, Apr 5, 8:12 am

Hi Adam I tried doing that fix but nothing, thanks.

geek_eejay2, Apr 6, 6:04 am

geek_ang_ck, Apr 6, 6:35 am

Hi, I went to that site for fixes, when I do the Ctrl+Alt+Del and type in "explorer.exe" it keeps opening "Documents".

geek_eejay2, Apr 6, 3:32 pm

that happens if explorer.exe/windows is already running

geek_king1, Mar 20, 11:00 pm

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