Blocking random scammers from Skype messaging me.

I have every privacy setting ticked on 'people in my contact list only' etc yet am inundated with damned scammers messaging the usual garbage. and inviting me to be their 'best buddy in business' on average 10/day. Unfortunately I need to remain on-line 20/7 as use Skype for biz.

Am I missing something or is there a way to block anyone other than those in my contact list or those that have been given my Skype name (by me) from leaving these stupid offers? I don't want my username even visible to those other than the ones in my contact list but can't see any settings about that. help!

geek_moltenfire, Aug 8, 9:45 am

Skype -> tools -> options -> privacy -> security -> select "only allow people in my contacts list to contact me -> save

geek_rojill, Aug 8, 12:22 pm

Did you actually "save " your selected setting ?

geek_rojill, Aug 8, 12:25 pm

Yep, saved. When I close Skype then reopen it and go back to that security section, that box is still ticked. I'm sick of being asked if I want to share a $25,000,000,000,000,000 bounty or if I want a new f**kbuddy. Makes the whole app pretty much a liability.

geek_moltenfire, Aug 8, 1:12 pm

About a year ago in desperation I set my location to Nigeria, my language to Volapük and my profile picture to a cat. The problem disappeared immediately. No one has bothered me since. Apparently Nigerian cats who speak Volapük are less appealing to scammers than Kiwi men who speak English. The Skype privacy settings are toothless. There is no way to block the scammy contact requests. But changing your country to Nigeria should solve the problem for the most part. This works because your language and Country choices are publicly available on the Skype Directory that they use to find targets.

geek_oclaf, Aug 9, 12:03 am

I'm now a Wolof speaking Nigerian. Jaam nga am.

geek_moltenfire, Aug 9, 5:42 am

Followup - it's worked! No more scammer calls. Cheers. Wooko vali mam nombi derkiln.

geek_moltenfire, Aug 15, 10:25 pm

lol brilliant.

geek_ronaldo8, Aug 15, 11:10 pm

Great aye. Don't tell too many people or Microsoft will probably release a "fix" to stop people messing up their directory by hard setting the location via IP/ GPS or something stupid.
It's not like there is any hope of them actually adding some usefull privacy features anytime soon. All they really need is a checkbox "Remove my profile from public directory". Tick. Problem solved.

geek_oclaf, Feb 14, 4:55 am

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