Kodi and TV box ?

sweetas24, Oct 21, 10:19pm
Hi, I'm just about to update from atv2 last version 14.2
I would like some recommendations of new box to get? I'd like to run the beast build, looks amazing, but keeps crashing on atv2, too heavy I think
I really hope someone can help me out ????????

intrade, Oct 22, 1:49am
on linux its not real easy my mate said to use xbmc as it seems not straight forward he also uses fire-tv what ever this is lol

apollo11, Oct 22, 1:54am
I've stopped using Kodi, it has become super slow for both streaming and downloading. Anyone else had this issue? I've tried downloading and installing the latest version. Genesis and IceTV are unusably slow. Phoenix is better but still slow.

sweetas24, Aug 17, 11:16pm
Kodi is xbmc. And those are adds on. Phoenix genesis etc, this did not answer my question.
I do not have a problem with streaming, yea slow some days but that's sucky ass nz bullshit

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