Factory reset on Toshiba satellite laptop question

anna70k, Apr 5, 2:36am
I have been wanting to clear my laptop so I can give it to my grandsons as I no longer use it.
Then it can be set up for them as it it was new.
Can anyone please help me. Ive tried to find out how, but not sure where to start. Many thanks.

king1, Apr 5, 2:58am

d.snell, Mar 22, 3:31am
Resetting back to factory will remove all updates, which can result in a lot of work to get it back up to date.
As it's a family member, it would be just as easy to create a new user for your grandson, giving him administrator rights. Then log out as you and log in as your grandson and then delete your user account (ticking remove all data) and all your personal history and data will be deleted.

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