Advice appreciated

Ive got around $300'- $350 to buy a 2nd hand laptop, can anyone steer me in the right direction there''s just too many to choose from, worse than a ladies shoe shop! Its main use would be Microsoft applications although this does not need to be pre-installed, surfing the net, listening to some music and the odd movie.

geek_kiwis, Jun 3, 9:02 pm

Am I in the wrong thread arena?

geek_kiwis, Jun 3, 9:30 pm

Nope, free help just doesn't happen instantly.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 3, 9:32 pm

Thanks monkey, I will wait patiently!

geek_kiwis, Jun 3, 9:43 pm

OMG do you know how slow an i3 is?
You can buy a very respectable Intel i7 chip laptop for $300 second hand either on here or ebay. Stick to popular brands, excluding Acer. The older Toshibas tend to overheat. So try Dell or HP, and yo uare bound to get into a brand war of further posts now on which brand
Go for the fastest thing your money can buy, and don't get anything less than window 7.1, make sure it has the licence sticker on it too.
Also but it in the same town as you are in, so no dodgy breaking in the post.

geek_andrew.t, Sep 15, 11:08 am

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