Trustpower ADSL speeds Nelson

j.sim, Mar 18, 8:56pm
Interested to know what speeds others get in Nelson through Trustpower as i am trying to sort out MiL's slow speeds while visiting. modem shows connection speeds of 752 up and 6.926 down which seems slow for Adsl2+. Speedtest results are even slower than this.Connection is also unreliable with dropouts from time to time. House has numerous unused jackpoints and disconnected burglar alarm. Could this be part of the problem?

kotaan, Mar 20, 3:55am
You have an old and bad quality copper line between your house and the exchange. The most you could do is ask the telco to test the lines of your neighbors and the people living across from you. Each phoneline that connects to your house usually has two lines in the one cable so you could get them to test the quality of your other lines. They will check the line attenuation which is how much noise or interference you have. you can also check it yourself in your router settings page

j.sim, May 3, 4:14pm
Thanks Kotaan. Coincidentally contractors began laying fibre nearby yesterday. I'll suggest they change over as soon as it reaches their house.

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