Browser safari for macbook has changed to yahoo

briarnatai, Feb 7, 8:43am
from google

In the settings its set as google but its doing yahoo, anyone know how i can get to do google like it should be?


remmers, Feb 7, 8:51am
From in Safari, click safari - preferences - search - select required search engine.

briarnatai, Feb 7, 8:52am
yup, its set as google but its doing yahoo , as said above .

remmers, Feb 7, 9:13am
Well as experiment try setting to say Bing and see if that changes, maybe restart Safari as well?

remmers, Feb 7, 9:18am
Maybe this will help, have you recently installed software i.e. search bar?

briarnatai, Feb 7, 9:37am
thank you, that link helped a little

it said to uninstall extensions and well, i did that and i have google back

mazdasix, Feb 7, 11:05am
so really the link helped a lot

briarnatai, Sep 5, 9:31am
doesn't really matter does it?
i said thanks!

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