Online tool for project management mapping

ken_williams_nz, Mar 24, 7:37pm
Hi guys, almost a computing question.

I am managing quite a few small projects and I need a tool to map how they all relate to each other, a timeline of when they are all due (ie so as I can report to management) and to show which companies are doing what for me.

ie I am looking for a flow chart sort of a thing that also maps against a timeline, where I can show what is happening at the moment, and mind map future initiatives I need to organise to achieve my goals.

Free and cloud based would be good, if I have to pay a little then that's OK too.

Anyone got any ideas?

Any thoughts much appreciated. Cheers, ken

ross1970, Mar 24, 7:59pm
That's a Gantt chart isn't it? Project management timeline.

king1, Mar 24, 8:41pm
something like this, although there seem to plenty of others available

ken_williams_nz, Mar 25, 5:03am
Gantt. Thats the word I was looking for lol!

drsr, Apr 20, 10:09pm , $US20/month for 10 projects, two months free trial.

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