Microsoft Access. I want to do a course and do

clair4, Jul 10, 7:17am
Microsoft Access. I want to do a course and do not have the software. Can someone tell me where to buy and how much approx. I do have Office 2003 but Access is not included.

dunedin_ree, Jul 10, 7:20am Search for it and compare prices.

clair4, Jul 10, 7:27am
Thanks I will have a look.

vtecintegra, Jul 10, 7:32am
BTW Access is a component of Office Professional or better. I'd advise learning MS SQL server instead - there is even a cut down free version available.

clair4, Jul 10, 7:53am
Gosh I think this is far above my iq. I will keep trying. Thanks

dunedin_ree, Jul 10, 7:57am
MS SQL server??? WTF? If someone specifically needs to learn Access (or wants to, to increase their skills for a range of jobs that would value Access skills but not necessarily MS SQL...), that advice is completely pointless. Horses for courses, and all that.

vtecintegra, Jul 10, 8:01am
True. If the current employer values Access skills then go for it - but make them buy you the rather expensive software. I you'll find far more places would value someone who could help them move off Access rather than deeper into that particular hole.

_whatever, Jul 10, 8:03am
I totally agree with you FFS It's up there with the w**kers when asked I am having xyz problem with IE their response is install FF. If you can't answer the question asked, why bother. Yes it may be more cost effective for you to upgrade to office pro than to get access.

clair4, Jul 10, 8:27am
Looks like I will give tis course a miss. I will do something else. I am not looking for a job. (too old) Just learning more skills. Have done Word and Excel and passed both. Just doing it for a learning curb.

dunedin_ree, Jul 10, 8:30am
If it interests you enough to do it then do it! If Access is something that you think you'd enjoy learning about, then I say go for it. I take my hat off to anyone that's motivated enough to do something like that for no reason apart from exercising their brain a bit.

vtecintegra, Jul 10, 9:16am
Sorry OP - I didn't mean to offend. Guess I made some incorrect assumptions about what you want to achieve.

deodar, Jul 10, 9:26am
VCintegra What Course? there are courses at a high skool near you now.Community
Computing free-Word, Access&power point & they provide the software.All
you need is to lose the attitude.

deodar, Jul 10, 9:28am
Sorry meant Claire.Apologies integra,Mea Culpa

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