When will people realise what credit cards are for


The point of credit cards is to use them online so you're protected. I paid $1750 for a lens with Pro 1 Digital in early March. Never arrived, various stories of it being on its way. In June I called the credit card and had them reverse the transaction. There's no point in calling the paper or anyone else. That's what credit cards are for.

The Sony store just sold me the same lens for $1699 via their price match.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 2, 12:11 pm

Or things like Visa Debit were made for this purpose. You ALWAYS pay big ticket items with a card because it's traceable e.g. if you lose the receipt as well.

geek_dudekrulz, Aug 2, 12:13 pm

Story says she paid by CC, but she took too long to reverse it (over 28 Days), so the moral of this story, is if you buy online, only wait 7 days and if no goods, don't accept excuses from the etailer, reverse the payment and cancel the trade.

geek_d.snell, Aug 2, 12:19 pm

It does, but that's not the case. There is no 28 day limit. VISA reversed my transaction three months later.

7 days isn't an option usually. Courierpost takes over a week to deliver "next day" to our local post office.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 2, 12:31 pm

I'm confused as to how you think she's in the wrong here. How was she supposed to use her card differently?
If what you are saying about there being no 28 day limit (and I have no idea about that) then isnt it her bank who is at fault for not reversing the charges when she contacted them?
How has she used her credit card incorrectly? What do you think a credit card is for if not for buying online?

geek_datoofairy, Aug 2, 12:51 pm

The story says a credit card was used, but that's obviously not the case if the bank says there's a 28-day limit. If you use a credit card you are protected against things like this.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 2, 1:41 pm

Why would there be a 28 Day delay for anything else? As far as I am aware, Internet Transfers and over the counter deposits can not be reversed after the next day. Cheque Deposits are 5 days, so where has the 28 Day limit come from? I would guess her Bank. If that information is incorrect, isn't it her bank that is misinforming her?
Seems to me, the original OP was too eager to judge and make someone look like a fool, when in fact the only fool here is the OP and they are now backpedalling and making up stuff to try and make themselves not look stupid.

geek_d.snell, Aug 2, 2:11 pm

From Westpac CC T&C:
Liability for transactions charged to your account
You are personally responsible for all credit extended by Westpac to you
including credit extended under a BusinessPLUS MasterCard. You will
be required to pay us the amounts of all:
??? cash advance and sales vouchers signed or authorised by you or
another cardholder on your account,
??? mail, telephone, internet order or email transactions and cycle
payments authorised by you or another cardholder on your account,
??? EFT transactions carried out on your account using your card or
other payment instrument or the card or other payment instrument of
another cardholder on your account, and
??? other transactions authorised by you or another cardholder on your
account and approved by us.
There are risks involved if you or another cardholder on your account
initiates a transaction by mail order, telephone order, internet or by email.
You are giving authority to the merchant to process an EFT transaction
or issue a sales voucher for the purchase amount which will be debited
to your account. You should consider the security and standing of the
company or entity you are doing business with, and check the fine print
relating to any transaction, before you provide your credit card details or
complete the transaction. If you or another cardholder on your account
initiates cycle payment transactions, i.e. if you agree with a merchant that
an amount will be debited against your account on a regular basis, then
you are liable for meeting those transaction amounts even if you close
your account.
In certain circumstances your agreement with the merchant may
authorise the debiting of your account with additional purchase amounts
without the need for further authorisation. Provided these amounts have
been incurred under the terms of that agreement they may be charged
to your account.
Incorrect or unauthorised transactions
If you think a transaction shown on your statement is incorrect or
unauthorised, you can dispute it, provided you notify us in writing within
30 days of the statement period closing date. Please see the Transaction
disputes section below for further details on notification.
In some situations, if you do not receive the goods or services you have
ordered with your card, another payment instrument or by use of your
card number, or you have not authorised a transaction, you may be able
to get a credit for the transaction.
Westpac Credit Card Conditions of Use 05
Transaction disputes
You are responsible for checking your statements to ensure their
accuracy and advising us of any mistakes, even if you are not at the
address to which you have requested us to send statements. If you do
not notify us of a disputed transaction within the time period stated below,
then the charge or record of the transaction will remain on your account.
If you wish to dispute any transaction recorded in your monthly statement,
you must notify us in writing within 30 days of the statement period
closing date, giving the following information:
??? your name, account number and the last four digits of your card
??? the amount and nature of the disputed transaction, attaching (if
available) a copy of the transaction record or sales voucher in
support of your case,
??? details of the EFT terminal (if any) at which the disputed transaction
??? details of the website (if any) through which the disputed transaction
was initiated,
??? the date and approximate time (if known) on which the disputed
transaction occurred,
??? details of any formal complaint lodged with the Police.
Once you have notified us of the disputed transaction we will investigate
the matter and acknowledge your complaint within five days. Failure to
report the incorrect, invalid or unauthorised transaction within 30 days
may mean we cannot reverse the transaction and you will have to pay
for it.

geek_d.snell, Aug 2, 2:35 pm

MOre to the point, research the company first.

geek_lythande1, Aug 2, 2:35 pm

Where it is established that an error did occur (whether it was the
disputed transaction complained of, or not) it will be corrected and you
will be advised of any appropriate adjustments which will be made to
your account in respect of credit and other charges.
If, as a result of our investigation, we believe the charge or transaction
should remain, we will write to you setting out our reasons and the
applicable service charge.
If you have followed Westpac??ôs internal complaints procedure and you
are still not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you may refer
the matter to the Banking Ombudsman.
In respect of disputes between merchants and cardholders, refer to the
Transaction requirements section.

geek_d.snell, Aug 2, 2:36 pm

You don't expect anyone to read that wall of text do you?

geek_-mung-, Aug 2, 2:52 pm

This is true. Some years ago I spent many thousands on camera equipment & like most people I looked at getting the best deal (looked into parallel importing etc). It got to a point though that with the kind of money I was putting on the line it was much more sensible to purchase my items from a physical camera shop even if it did cost me hundreds more in the end.

geek_steve198, Aug 2, 2:55 pm

Note it states "Incorrect or unauthorised transactions
If you think a transaction shown on your statement is incorrect or
unauthorised, you can dispute it, provided you notify us in writing within
30 days of the statement period closing date"
Not 30 days from transaction as the person seemed to think. They need to check to see if they enquired within 30 days of the statement.

geek_gsimpson, Aug 2, 3:04 pm

In the stuff article, it states:
"She went to her bank, Westpac, but was told it could do nothing as 28 days had passed. She believes Pro1Digital deliberately kept her hoping during that period, to ensure she had no comeback."
Now, there are a lot of people who won't argue with their Bank, so all I can assume is she believed what she was told was in fact correct.
She has made numerous other complaints to other agencies (com com, police etc ) and none have told her that the "decision" she got from her bank may be incorrect and to query it, so they also must think the bank is correct.

geek_d.snell, Aug 2, 3:29 pm

And, like you, that's probably why her CC won't accept liability, she didn't read the T&C. And believed the myths repeated on messageboards were the truth. Her Bad.

geek_d.snell, Aug 2, 3:32 pm

Every bank has a slightly different timeframe dispute wise.
Credit cards are generally 30 days from when it was billed to your card, as credit cards are billed monthly.
Visa debit cards are generally 60 days, as a bank account statement is usually generated within 30-60 days.
Online banking/mobil app there is usually no excuse to not report an unauthorised transaction, or to dispute it within that time frme.
Depending on circumstances, your bank may accept a dispute after this time frame, but can often lose recourse with Visa & Mastercard, so it can be declined.

geek_linzis, Aug 2, 4:24 pm

That will suck paying that of with fee's added

geek_nichen, Apr 8, 10:53 pm

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