Decent cheap cell phone?

Does such a thing exist? I need it for texting and to use it to replace my broken old MP3 player. I would use it ocassionally for phone calls. And rarely for photos. Decent battery time would be nice. But not the old Alcatel - I want a keyboard to speed up texting.

geek_flyingpencil, Mar 7, 7:56 pm

What do you mean by keyboard? Physical keyboard?

Aside from that, what do you mean by "cheap?" My first thought is a Moto E or G, I'd definitely call them decent cheap cell phones.

geek_lugee, Mar 7, 8:09 pm

Keyboard, as in the screen looks like a keyboard on a laptop. IE, Not having to push the button once for A, twice for B, three times for C.
Cheap meaning under $100.

geek_flyingpencil, Mar 7, 8:17 pm

You're not really going to get anything decent at that price. Mostly horrid actually.

geek_lugee, Mar 7, 8:19 pm

geek_utwo, Mar 7, 8:24 pm

Even if it's just for texting, a wee bit of music, and ocassional phone call. Internet not required. Camera not required.

geek_flyingpencil, Mar 7, 8:54 pm

See above. The Nokia Lumia 530 can't be beaten for $99.

geek_utwo, Mar 7, 8:57 pm

Huawei. Solid, reliable and under $100 to sky's the limit. Know a few kids with them and seem unbreakable.

geek_wayne416, Mar 7, 8:59 pm

I replaced my old Motorola with a Vodofone smart 4 fun,cost $39
I am an Apple person so had certain expectations about quality and am quite happy with it
Compared with an Apple phone I can drop 20 down the dunny and still be a head
Check them out, as it will do everything you seem to want +

geek_raf55, Mar 7, 9:03 pm

Better off with a 520 if you can still find one (much, much better screen)

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 7, 9:29 pm

The Ericsson GA628 with a chatboard

geek_oclaf, Mar 8, 12:05 am

The Nokia 530 is a great little phone; way better than cheap android such as Huawei.

geek_rozendaal, Mar 8, 12:50 am

geek_flower_tears, Mar 8, 10:26 am

I tried using a Vodafone Smart 4 Fun and found the small screen to be unusable. My fingers couldn't accurately push the onscreen buttons. and I have normal sized fingers

geek_mazdasix, Mar 8, 11:38 am

Try turning phone on side which will give bigger keyboard or download a different one, there are lots to try.

geek_wayne416, Mar 8, 11:44 am

Shouldn't have to. I'll stick to my 6" phone :)

geek_mazdasix, Mar 8, 12:03 pm

Microsoft Lumia 535.

geek_billyfieldman, Mar 10, 5:45 pm

+1 why would you even put your self through it lol

geek_shakespeare6, Mar 10, 10:30 pm

Personally I wouldn't go less than a Moto G, anything cheaper and there will be compromises some where, most likely in performance which is the most annoying and causes the most frustration.

geek__drdee_, May 28, 3:16 pm

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