Iphone 4S dying

rav413, Mar 16, 9:48am
Bought from TM (a gift). A pattern has emerged; about every 7-8 days it just blacks out and after about 24-30 hours splutters back into life. The battery is drained. I got it repaired last week and was told it had shorted out and damaged the LCD screen. A new power controller and new LCD were installed. Alas, it "died" again last night (8 days after repair) and spluttered back to life this morning. Am taking it back to repairer tomorrow. Is it a

_drdee_, Mar 16, 9:34pm
3+ year old smartphone second-hand. Really is a roll of the dice as to what has happened to it over its life. If it has had moisture damage at any stage it will do weird things that cannot be explained with no way to repair other than to replace the mainboard. Quiz your repairer to see if they noticed any of the moisture sensors have been activated. If there is indication of moisture I wouldn't touch it.

rav413, May 14, 11:22am
Thank you. It is at the repairer's now and I will ask him when he contacts me.

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