Please Help!! Laptop stolen in palmy - Acer Aspire

Please Help!! Laptop stolen in palmy - Acer Aspire Has anyone come across an Acer aspire laptop with a broken power point at the back. This was stolen from my home on 26 june.It cannot be powered up without playing with the power cable or having it fixed prefessionally. any help will be highly appreciated. thanks

geek_nouman20, Jul 7, 6:53 pm

More Info? But not TOO much; I 'saw' one and thought; "hey someone was asking about their lappy" Just the specs will do: You know: Operating system how many Gigs its got etc. (I didn't have a chance to see if the power cord was faulty)

geek_1clickaway, Jul 10, 8:44 pm

Thanks 1clickawayIts an old laptop about 2years with windows XP. Ive had it that long that I cant exactly remember all the specs but i think memory was 1GB and harddrive was 80. The power cord isnt really the problem but the connection at the back of the computer that is broken, so the cord doesnt fit well enough to power it up.

geek_nouman20, Jul 11, 8:19 pm

Palmy seems to be full of Laptop Thieves.

geek_deodar, Jul 11, 10:06 pm

OhWell; Had a CLOSER inspection of the lappy I saw; And it doesn't match your one :( - Still - its a small place - It's bound to turn up :D

geek_1clickaway, Jul 11, 10:46 pm