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maplekiwi1, Aug 28, 6:56am
Everyday (pretty much) I visit my local council website, then click on to it's library catalogue. Yet it doesn't show on my dashboard yet two sites I have visited once do. Is there anything I can do to add the site to my dashboard. I'm really puzzled.

king1, Aug 28, 7:00am
i believe if you hover over each one there is an X to close it
it should then be replaced with the next one

maplekiwi1, Aug 28, 7:16am
I've always done that in the past. Now I have one blank square, 4 sites I have only visited once or twice, Amazon,Stuff & TradeMe. I do visit these sites regularly, but I visit my council site & Goodreads as much if not more.
Strange that I can't request what I want to appear in the 8 squares

maplekiwi1, Jan 6, 2:16am
I've sent a message & screenshot to their help desk.
Thanks for trying to help king1

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