How to stop video ads,playing ?

Every time i go to read a Stuff, news item that has a video clip, the clip plays automatically, after a few seconds .
I only want to read the news item, not watch the video, and especially,not the ads.
Adblock doesn`t work on these things

geek_bashfulbro, Apr 5, 9:50 am

geek_king1, Apr 5, 9:58 am

My opinion is that autoplay video clips on websites are in this decade what bright pink backgrounds and flashing text banners were in the 90's.

geek_farside03, Apr 5, 11:05 am

try Ghostery,

i find it stops unwanted videos

geek_tradenow100, Apr 5, 3:21 pm

Thank you all

geek_bashfulbro, Mar 21, 5:14 pm

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