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I have so many problems opening up Hotmail these days. I have an iMac. Does anyone else have problems?

geek_thereason, Apr 23, 5:28 pm

That's an extremely vague question. Could you describe the problems?

In general though, Hotmail isn't great. Gmail is a much better alternative.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 6:21 pm

i just can't log in?? I can now and then but its very frustrating. Its been since they changed it all to outlook last year.

geek_thereason, Apr 24, 11:20 am

Does it give you any kind of message when you try to log in and it doesn't work?

geek_piperguy, Apr 24, 8:00 pm

when it get so far it says safari is no longer supported. but when i click on link to try and download new version there doesnt seem to be anything there that I can download. Thats if I can even get that far into hotmail. Somedays I just keep typing in hotmail to google and its just wont budge.

geek_thereason, Apr 26, 10:38 am

it has opened once today. but i can not open any of my mail nor can I forward or reply. all these dots just keep running across the top from left to right. when they are there I know nothing will work. it seems completely blocked today.

geek_thereason, Apr 26, 1:38 pm

Join GMX and set to retrieve your Hotmail and you can also send with your Hotmail address, no need to go to Hotmail. If you like it start using your GMX address and drop Hotmail. You can use it anywhere and has a very good mobile app and/or you can use a client installed on your computer.

geek_wayne416, Apr 26, 2:01 pm

thanks?? I tried your suggestion and opened account but when i try to retrieve the hotmail you'll never believe it, it said wrong password or email. but its not! there is something very strange going on.

geek_thereason, Apr 27, 8:42 pm

oh. it wont let me retrieve mail from my gmail either!

geek_thereason, Apr 27, 8:52 pm

Something odd Hotmails end, If you get in, instead of GMX retrieving your mail, because your passwords not working for you so its unlikely to work for them, try and set Hotmail to forward to your GMX instead so you can read mail. The only problem is you will not be able to send with your Hotmail address. Maybe time to change over completely and use GMX or another provider only. GMX is a very good service, accessible from anywhere, all you have to do is add a note[signature] which will be on each email you send automatically to note your new address.

geek_wayne416, Apr 27, 9:06 pm

geek_wayne416, Apr 27, 9:10 pm

Cannot find anybody with problems with GMX retrieving Hotmail so i would say its their end with security settings. A lot of people like yourself having login problems with Gmail also. This may help. Good luck.

geek_wayne416, Apr 27, 9:22 pm

ok. thanks so much. Yes Im fed up with hotmail. But have so much on there. Saved letters and doctors things and addresses. All very important. Ill take a look at your suggestions. Though Im not too computer savvy, thats half the problem! Cheers.

geek_thereason, Apr 28, 1:02 pm

No probs here with hotmail, a little slow opening tho.

geek_buddytom, Apr 28, 7:13 pm

Weird. I have two hotmail accounts and have never had a problem. Until yesterday. it is if its just locked up. it want even take you to the logon page! I thought I was going mad.

geek_leebee35, Apr 29, 11:17 am

It must be something to do with Imac's and using Safari. it's driving me mad as I have some urgent stuff to do.!

geek_leebee35, Apr 29, 11:21 am

it seems to be better now doesnt it?

geek_thereason, May 9, 9:15 pm

try installing chrome and see if a browser change helps?

geek_cookee_nz, May 9, 10:17 pm

Yes. been trying off & on all weekend to sign in. Everything is slooow, like being on dial up! Pleased to see its not just me, so somethings up?

geek_marigold_00, Dec 3, 11:28 pm

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