Restoring emails from backup

xxsaffyxx, May 28, 9:19am
"This outlook file is already in use in the current profile" - What does this mean?
After doing a back up, I have restored my computer back to factory defaults. Stripped it bare as it had been playing up and I decided to take this plan of action. Once going again, I purchased Outlook 2010 for emails. (Previously I had 2007).

I've restored all my files for the computer, and now trying to get my emails back. I had three addresses before, and there are three outlook files saved.

I was able to import one trouble free, easily. It loaded the messages back in.
The next one I want is my main account. This wont import and I get the message that the file is already in use. So I'm confused. Is this because I had already made up the email account again? Thinking it may be that, I deleted that email account and then tried importing back to the Outlook programme. But still got the same answer.

Any ideas? I've some some googling, but can only find old threads on it.

xxsaffyxx, May 28, 10:22am
Thank goodness for Dropbox. managed to restore it from there. Though it's missing the last six months, but I should be able to get them from the internet server.

king1, Oct 8, 10:22am
basically its saying you already have the data file you are importing attached to outlook, as a folder group on the LHS.
its possible if you restored the backup file into the correct folder that it automatically added the PST file to the data files, whether or not an email account is using it.
have a look in Control Panel -> mail (32) -> data files to see what PST files are attached and where

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