12 volt tv

tgh-marine, Oct 31, 12:29pm
I am after a 12 volt TV for my boat. These tv are very expensive. I was hoping that someone here could explain if a 32 inch 240 v running through a inverter would use same. Power draw as 12v TV. Or please offer suggestions. Thanks

d.snell, Oct 31, 12:32pm
how big?
Veon 16 and 19"'s both run on 12v, not sure about the 22" though. I bought 2 16" sets for $89 each

tgh-marine, Oct 31, 6:14pm
We would like to have a 32 or around that size. A 19 inch 12 V is around $400 whereas a 32 inch 240 V can be bought new from as low as $200. I am not great at electrical gadgets but I cant see why a 12 V is so expensive for such a small screen. Thanks

intrade, Oct 31, 7:01pm
how big a boat do you have . or do you want the tv to be used for a sail also or something?

tmenz, Oct 31, 7:12pm
The power draw will be about the same - give or take the efficiency of the inverter and the efficiency of the in-built step-up power supply in the 12 volt sets.
If you already have a good (quasi) sine-wave inverter in your system, a 230V set should be fine

gammelvind, Oct 31, 7:22pm
The expense has to come from production volume or lack of. I bought a good quality victrom 200 watt pure sine wave inverter, those cheap modified sine wave inverters often affect the image quality of the tv. I ran 2 tvs, a sky box and dvd player/recorder through it with no problems. Providing you have the battery charging ability running 230volt appliances onboard is far cheaper than going 12volt marine gear.

newbie5, Nov 2, 4:57am
and then after awhile you find you cant start the boat motor because the battery is flat

ianab, Nov 2, 5:05am
You would hope that a boat fancy enough to warrant a 32" TV would have a sophisticated enough electric system that it isolated the starter battery from a separate deep cycle "accessory" battery.

And I agree that buying a decent quality inverter and having a 230V power source makes sense. That way ANY small appliance can be bought on board. Laptop, regular cellphone chargers, camera chargers etc.

remmers, Nov 2, 5:17am
Well that is what we did 7 years ago in our motorhome. 800W pure sine wave inverter with auto changeover power input and then 230v TV, Freeview box etc. Problem is every couple of years the inverter needed repairs at $350 a pop. So couple of months ago, after the last breakdown I replaced it with 150W inverter just for laptop and bought 12V 26in TV with satellite freeview built in. So far so good and does seem a lot simpler system.

5425, Nov 2, 6:30am
Firstly in NZ , we use a dish for Sky or Freeview decoders or an aerial for Freeview HD. These decoders usually require 230 Volt AC so you will need a 12v to 230V inverter . A 230 Volt 32" TV is the cheapest way to go.
A good 1000 Watt pure sine inverter can cost up to $1K.

camper18, Nov 2, 7:01am
We have a 21in 240w TV and sky decoder that we run on a 150w inverter for around 8 hrs on a 12v deep cell house battery plus the lights. Not often that it has gone off before bedtime. Our old 12v TV used to hog the power more than this new cheapy from the W/H. We also have a 1500w pure sine wave inverter which we now hardly ever use because it is pretty hard on the battery.

rojill, Nov 2, 8:20am
12 volt Transonic TV's were available from The Warehouse and coupled to a 12 volt Dish TV satellite decoder - www.dishtv.co.nz/. Job done for less than $300
(S7030PVR - Single Tuner Freeview Satellite 12V DVB-S2 Receiver with HDMI and USB PVR - Refurbished. Full as new warranty $99 )

marte, Nov 2, 11:05am
Push start it.

5425, Nov 2, 6:03pm
If this TV is only for games or DVD all good. Can you buy a dish that works well on a moving boat or even get a constant signal with an aerial.?

marte, Jul 19, 3:19pm
A lot of LCD computer monitors are12 volt.

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