Google tool bar

I have had to reinstall this on two of my devices. I wanted to add previously loaded icons - trademe, Facebook, Youtube etc

But they will not load because "the button is missing a title".

Anyway to solve this? The icons are very useful


geek_footplate1, Mar 5, 10:34 am

no need for toolbars these days

geek_king1, Mar 5, 10:36 am

Having the icons on Explorer saves the hassle of typing in the URL. In my view, there is a need for a toolbar which displays regularly used sites.

geek_footplate1, Mar 5, 11:34 am

geek_king1, Mar 5, 5:51 pm

But what does it mean "the button is missing a title"? It shows when I use the Google icon to add Trademe, Facebook etc.

geek_footplate1, Jun 16, 5:25 am

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