Brother printer not recognising full ink cartridge

I have just moved house and dont know if something happened to the printer during the shift. I had just put in new ink cartridges and now my printer is not recognising the blue cartridge. Rebooted computer, turned off printer, taken out all cartridges numerous times but still wont recognise the blue. Brother MFC 6490

geek_purdie69, Mar 13, 12:49 pm

Is it a genuine Brother cartridge?

geek_mcdaff, Mar 13, 1:48 pm

Yes it is

geek_purdie69, Mar 13, 5:06 pm

Maybe faulty cartridge chip, take it back with receipt and request another cartridge, or phone Brother helpdesk

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 13, 8:46 pm

Our model uses a window on the end of the cartridge. There may be an air bubble in it giving a false indication of low ink. Rock the cartridge to see if you can get it full of ink or put a piece of tape over it.

geek_gsimpson, Mar 14, 12:03 am

True. Especially about the insulation tape bit. Just a workaround mind.

geek_hakatere1, Mar 14, 2:07 am

thanks. Will try

geek_purdie69, Mar 14, 3:47 pm

Done that but didn't work. Took cartridge back to Harvey Norman and they said to bring the printer in.

geek_purdie69, Mar 15, 8:16 am

Remove all the carts then
remove the printhead and clean the contacts at the rear include the contact inside the pinteras well
Moist cottonbug only
reseat the printhead and re insert the cartridges

geek_sqidlie, Mar 15, 1:25 pm

Just taken it back to HN and the cartridge was faulty. Replaced and good to go

geek_purdie69, May 17, 10:09 pm

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