Backup Software?

toy_turbo, Feb 13, 12:44am
So I have an external hard drive. Now what? What is the best software to use for backing up my computer? Preferably free, or a low one off cost is fine, but would like to get opinions as to which is best? Thanks! :-)

r.g.nixon, Feb 13, 1:16am
Search on the left. I recommended one a few days ago. Can't remember the name now.

toy_turbo, Feb 13, 1:17am
I did do a search, was it this one:

I tried to download that and it said error :-/

r.g.nixon, Feb 13, 1:19am
Yes, that was it. 'Error' doesn't really suggest much to me. I'd need the exact message. Or you could look for an Easeus forum to get answers.

kew, Aug 16, 3:59pm
I have been using SyncBacSE now for 9 years and it operates flawlessly. I note that they have a free backup software version that you could try.

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