Please help.Microsoft Office 365

raytc, Feb 10, 7:07am
Hi all, Im somewhat baffled, I bought my daughter a laptop for xmas last year along with Norton antivirus & Microsoft Office 365. I thought we would set the Office 365 up when she was due back at school, well I cant even recall it being in the Dick Smith bag when purchased. I still have the receipt, my question is does the Office 365 come in a box?

skin1235, Feb 10, 7:11am
it should be already installed on the computer
check under 'programs'

vtecintegra, Feb 10, 7:16am
Office 365 works on a subscription basis (it's $16/month for the normal home version)

What exactly does it say on your receipt?

raytc, Feb 10, 7:21am
It just shows what I had purchased, Im going round & round in circles with Microsoft support team as a product number key is required to activate it. so i was wondering whether the product comes in a box because i have no idea what im looking for if i have misplaced it or whether i got it at all

king1, Feb 10, 7:29am
does the receipt show you have purchased MS Office?

ultimadweedlex, Feb 10, 8:26am
Someone just said, office 365 is a subscription based service. You don't buy it, you pay monthly for it

regalgirl, Feb 10, 9:08am
This cant be true as we sell it at work. I have been told it is only good for one year (hence 365 (days)). After the year is up I thought you had to buy another year or buy the one that lasts forever. Please excuse my ignorance if this is wrong.

nzmu, Feb 10, 9:22am
They sell them as plastic cards like credit card size. The shop needs to activate them at time of sale so if it is on your receipt, chances are it was put in with your other purchases. It might be attached to a card which is how they are displayed. You may even have an activation receipt with your sales receipt.
Hope that helps.

Found an image of the display card - the activation card is attached to the other side.

dudekrulz, Feb 10, 10:50am
Uh. a lot of schools should have a Office 365 free for students scheme going on.

sqidlie, Feb 10, 8:56pm
You have to go online with MS and create an account to be able to use Office 365
Once there, the registration and activation will happen

black-heart, Feb 10, 9:06pm
if you can't find it, just use a free version of office like libre

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