Inflating the "retail price" of computer equipment

Sheesh. Whatever ERP means, I don't think you'd get $1599.95 for an old second hand laptop in any circumstance. This is really poor form. Perhaps ERP means Exaggerated Retail Price?

geek_puddleduck00, Jul 28, 1:40 pm

Well FirstIn is dodgy anyway, Colin Brown and huis son -- from th dodgy PC Company of old.

geek_lythande1, Jul 28, 1:54 pm

I just thought i might try buy a few of the one dollar items. Bundled a few together. $25 shipping for a couple of USB cables and a pair of jandles. Haha. Nope.

geek_oclaf, Jul 29, 11:44 pm

there was a time when I use to check that site daily. Then I realised I had never actually bought anything from them and probably never would. There use to be a few laptops come up with decent prices, but that one you linked is atrociously expensive.

geek_schizoid, Jul 30, 12:43 am

No, what they're saying is that WAS the price, (original retail I'd guess) - NOW it's $399 which is quite reasonable for such a machine I would think.

geek_nice_lady, Jul 30, 3:45 am

I wouldn't touch it on account of them inflating the "erp" and claiming such a ridiculous saving. It's dishonest.

geek_puddleduck00, Jul 30, 11:34 am

ERP, Exorbitant Retail Price maybe.

geek_russell.s.c, Jul 30, 1:39 pm

whoops, i missed that. yeah, $400 is reasonable

but they cant say you are saving $1200 when the original price was for a new item, and this is second hand.

geek_schizoid, Jul 30, 2:24 pm

Also, even if it was new, the retail price they quoted is way off. Who would pay $1599 for an obsolete Windows 7 Machine. Maybe it was $1599 when it first came out at full price (at a push). I bought a similar spec'd laptop in 2010 for $899.

geek_puddleduck00, Jul 31, 12:05 pm

ERP - Like those wee signs at the sides of main highways from time to time ?

geek_tintop, Apr 17, 3:55 pm

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