I have antiadblocker on my computer. I have tried everything that I can to get rid of it (including what google has told me to do) but it is still there! Any ideas please?

(also in parenting)

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 7:27 pm

Adblocker is rather nondescript. what type and where

geek_king1, Jul 1, 7:30 pm

geek_rz_zone, Jul 1, 7:33 pm

Ok, Im not computer savy enough to know what you mean lol

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 7:36 pm

I have a super anti spyware program on my computer which I have run many times and it still hasn't removed it

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 7:37 pm

oh you said antiadblocker - my reading skills are crap today. rz_zone is on the case

geek_king1, Jul 1, 7:38 pm

Sorry yes, I couldn't edit the title

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 7:40 pm

Thanks rz_zone for the links. I have gone through them and it makes no difference. I can't find it on my computer to uninstall it but it is there somewhere! It pops up each time I restart my computer :-(

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 8:15 pm

Restart your computer in 'Safe Mode' or 'Safe Mode with networking' before doing the scans.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 1, 8:18 pm

they are not links to 'go through' - they are cleaners to download and run and update and scan and clean.

geek_king1, Jul 1, 8:18 pm

The first one was a link and showed step by step what to do. The others are programs to download but I already have an anti spyware one on my computer that I have run many times.

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 8:21 pm

How do I do that please?

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 8:21 pm

they are not all equal. Your one is obviously not working - suggestions have been made for alternatives to use - based on considerable experience I would add.

You can choose not to follow the advice if you so desire.

geek_king1, Jul 1, 8:26 pm

Safe Mode is explained here

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 1, 8:31 pm

Ummm. thats not want I am doing. I mentioned I already had a anti spyware one there. You are the first person to state that it may not be good enough. If that is the case then I am more than happy to try another - wasn't going to download another one if I already had one. I have also tried to remove it from my computer in many different ways using google to guide me - also with no luck.

Not everyone in this world is great with technology therefore ask questions. This does not mean I am not wanting the advice - wouldn't ask if that was the case.

If you don't find my answers to your liking then you can click the 'x'. if you so desire.

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 8:32 pm

Thanks, I will give that a go

geek_n.c, Jul 1, 8:34 pm

Good luck to you then but i'm out.

geek_king1, Jul 1, 8:54 pm

Try Adwcleaner and Malwarebytes. No Antispyware is 100% effective, so you need to run a few to rid of malware/s.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 1, 9:50 pm

Thank you so much, for the first time in ages I didn't have a big white box take up my whole screen when I loaded a webpage :)

geek_suie1, Jul 15, 10:45 am

Is there a way to get rid of this ads by anti adblocker malware/adware & stop it coming back? Everytime we use the PC we clean it off but it keeps coming back!

geek_suie1, Aug 5, 6:27 pm

Well either it is not being cleaned up in the first place or 'someone' needs to change their browsing habits.
The links above are generally all you need.

geek_king1, Aug 5, 7:20 pm

What sort of browsing habits get this adware on? I only use Facebook & Trade Me, my daughter watches a bit of you tube.

geek_suie1, Aug 5, 10:36 pm

geek_king1, Aug 5, 10:42 pm


geek_suie1, Mar 18, 11:27 am

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