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jfor, Mar 11, 9:41am
I am thinking of changing my ISP company so that I have my landline and broadband with the same company. Can anyone tell me if I can keep my exact same e-mail address, -- I've had it for about 15 yrs and dont want to change it.

intrade, Mar 11, 9:53am
not unless it is a yahoo hotmail or what ever.
if its a isp based mail you will need to pay to keep it or loose it.
its why i use for mail nothing else since ever so i can switch isp when ever i have had enough. was long with slingshot and now ages with snap. and started off with xtra-sux

1830, Mar 11, 10:02am
Ask the company,it may already be taken .
I changed a while ago and was told could have it, but was already taken so
just added the first initial of christian name and all was good.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 10:12am
It might depend. I still have my clear email from about 11 years ago. Free.

rz_zone, Mar 11, 10:13am
Call your current isp and ask em how much its going to cost. As its usually gets cancelled straight away after you move to another isp. Which means, you will lose all your emails unless you back it up to your desktop.

I recommend gmail, and gmx.

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 10:13am
And my free lifetime Orcon email from 16 years ago.

jfor, Mar 13, 7:30am
Thanks all, still hav'nt done it, the curry from the punjab tells me if I change to xtra I can still keep my old email address, something just dosent sound right to me ! -- dont know about disconections or conection fees .

hayster94, Mar 13, 8:48am
You will probably end up paying a monthly fee to use it. I can never understand why people use their isp's email address

hakatere1, Mar 13, 7:44pm
They will do it for nothing because it's a good way of getting their name out there.

kew, Mar 13, 8:29pm
Same here, but it is limited to 50mb in size which these days, can be filled with 3 or 4 emails
I still use it, but as a backup only and run GMX as my main email which is great

r.g.nixon, May 24, 3:31pm
My Orcon and Clear emails get POP'd straight to gmail every 30 mins or so.

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