Refil black ink cartridge with a hole in the top

hi, I have a black ink cartridge that has a hole drilled in the top and I refilled it the same way and with the same refill ink that I use to refill an identical model ink catridge with the same black ink. But the cartridge with the hole in the top is taking much longer to print right. The printing is turning out brown after numeropus clear nozzels things and deep cleans in the printer pc applications and now only just beginning to print a little bit of black. Is the hole in the top necessary? My original catridge does not have the hole. I think hole is causing the pad and ink to dry too much.

geek_olack, Jul 5, 1:57 pm

Unfortunately this is the risk you take when not using genuine cartridges.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 5, 2:00 pm

The cartridge is a geuine Canon cartridge. It has been refilled and it has a hole drilled into the top of it.I have heard of cartridges having holes drilled in them and I do not understand why, it can only achieve the drying out of the pad inside and the ink becasue they are then exposed to more air. I remove the lid on my print cartridges and refill them and have no problems. It looks like a bad practice to me.
I am asking because I am not sure what to tell my "client" who has asked me to take care of getting his printer to work. I reflled the black ink cartridge with my ink and the priniter took too long to start printing properly after I put the back cartridge and tried printing in his home lol. He is one tough customer lol.

geek_olack, Jul 5, 2:12 pm

unless it is an expensive model I always tell my clients to go buy a new one, or I supply a new one.
When you can buy a brand new one for $30-50 they are just not worth your time shagging around with.
Also I would be using after market cartridges at approx $5 ea in preference to filling them

geek_king1, Jul 5, 2:54 pm

Buy a laser printer, cheap to run.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 5, 2:58 pm

It's better to use the "Durstich" refill method with Canon cartridges, which is a hole in the side near the ink outlet:

As I recall with the hole in the top method you were supposed to reseal the hole with silicon or a screw or whatever.

geek_drsr, Jul 6, 8:58 am

Thank you.
Admitedly buying a new printer is cheaper than replacing the two ink catridges. The refil black ink is the only ink I use now and it cost $11 to get a new 100ml bottle. I have the technology.

geek_olack, Jul 9, 12:21 am

Thank you for the link. I am using Canon PG510 black ink cartridge and the method is not possible with it. I remove the lid of the cartridge with an ink refil kit screw and continue to fill the sponge with the ink and leave for one day until the ink is flowing and am getting to the stage where i will top up the catridge after the first print. Disposable plastic gloves are the plus.

geek_olack, Jun 10, 5:23 am

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