Fake USB drives thread

suicidemonkey, May 8, 4:39am
Anyone else having issues getting into the fake USB drives thread? I just get an error.

king1, May 8, 4:40am
fine here

Other than I might add, the fact that our Spark internet has been down for much of the day (only just come back in the last hour) AND in the intervening time 55GB has been clocked up.

Very similar to a much worse episode we had months ago where we went though several thousand GB in a week.

But who;s complaining.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 4:42am
Haha TM have obviously blocked me from it then.

"Oops, there was a slip up!

Something went wrong (banana error 500). Please go back and try again, or use the browse links below."

Amazing. So trying to warn users of a scam is obviously against the rules.

Time to go back to the media methinks. I'll keep at this until TM are held accountable.

Even that 512GB card from yesterday got sold to some poor user. TM had over 48 hours to pull it but nope.

king1, May 8, 4:45am
you troublemaker you.

suicidemonkey, May 8, 5:03am
Ok I can view it now. Weird.

nice_lady, May 8, 5:49am
Yes good luck with getting things changed. Hubby tried for several years to get TM to change/acknowledge the whole 'false cpu speed' advertising which was rife on here. No-one cared. Not TM, not FairGo, not the Commerce Commission etc etc. No one.

ross1970, May 8, 6:05am
11 years a TM member and not 1 trade. Weird.

nice_lady, May 8, 6:50am
You don't HAVE to trade to be a TM member, my husband does that stuff.

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