Ipad space bar keeps disappearing

hilt_dwane, Apr 14, 10:19am
It goes then it comes back then goes again. I first noticed it on ebay today and thought it an ebay glitch, now its doing it on google. Anyone know how to fix it please?

nzdoug, Apr 14, 9:47pm
Update to the latest OS.

mcdaff, Apr 14, 10:34pm
I believe this used to be a feature of Safari in earler versions when typing in the URL as spaces are not allowed in Internet addresses. Later updates didnt have the space bar hidden when typing in URLs so I guessing as above you are using an old version of the OS and should update. Or you could try another browser rather than Safari, I use Mercury mostly which is very like Firefox.

hilt_dwane, Apr 14, 11:45pm
The version I have is 8.3 and it says it is up to date

nzdoug, Feb 17, 8:30am
Your software is up to date.

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