Need some apple macbook advice

I've never used apples much so excuse my stupidity. I'm taking a look at a friends computer. She spilt milo on the keyboard. Plugged an external in and could login. I'm testing the keyboard in a note app. Some numbers work and letters only work if I hold down the control and option keys so the keys themselves are kind of working. Anyone have an idea why?

geek_nashipear, Aug 4, 3:23 pm

Its going to die sooner rather than later anyway and will get worse and worse. claim insurance. imho. and of course there is not nothing but case under the keyboard.

geek_brycer, Aug 4, 3:35 pm

Thanks heaps for your reply. Yeah I think they have already tried. Insurance wouldn't replace with an equivalent or something like that. Sounds like changing the keyboard might be quite a tricky job

geek_nashipear, Aug 4, 5:40 pm

On most macbook pros you need to replace the complete upper case (you can't just change the keyboard).
The last one I saw was working all OK but the motherboard was coated with coffee and corrosion was starting.

geek_gibler, Mar 29, 4:21 pm

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