Red lines on my macbook pro

hi today i turned on my laptop and it has red lines on the desktop that vibrate, can this be fixed theres nothing else wrong with it just means i cant watch videos as all i get are outlines of things with red lines through them

can you help

geek_jackiechan3, Jun 29, 2:28 pm

How old is it?

If it's an older model with dedicated graphics you're probably seeing the first signs of the graphics chip failing so plan on replacing the system soon.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 29, 2:35 pm

its 2010 model

geek_jackiechan3, Jun 29, 2:45 pm

geek_gibler, Jun 29, 3:50 pm

thanks but dont have an apple repair person in h.b the legal to apple

geek_jackiechan3, Jun 29, 4:06 pm

It's out of warranty now anyway. You can choose who ever you like to repair it but a 5 year old laptop is getting up there in terms of being superseded by newer faster sleeker machines so you have to weigh up spending $$$'s on a n investigation / repair or buy a new one.

geek_exwesty, Jun 29, 4:23 pm

well as i dont have any spare cash lying around to pay someone to fix it i was wanting to do it myself.

geek_jackiechan3, Jun 29, 4:57 pm

You still have to replace the entire logic board which is where most of the expense is.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 29, 5:24 pm

Needs to be seen by a pro.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 29, 5:46 pm

thanks what a week my computer twice broken, bills and more bills to pay and flat typer that cant be fixed oh and i have no job not from not trying

geek_jackiechan3, Jun 29, 5:54 pm

no worries guys for no my porblem has disapaired

geek_jackiechan3, Jun 29, 6:39 pm

possibly a break or short in the cable that connects LCD Panel to the main board. Intermittent with opening and closing the lid.

geek_d.snell, Jun 29, 6:47 pm

problem back again today

geek_jackiechan3, Jul 9, 10:52 am

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