Need to unable boot from DVD Drive in BIOS

Just got a new PC built for me today trying to install Windows onto my SSD drive whenever i put the windows Disc in it just boots to the BIOS instead trying to find the option to unable to boot from the disc so i can install windows but cant seem to find the DVD drive in the menu in the BIOS menu.

I have a ASUS Z97-K Motherboard

geek_psgarrett, Aug 26, 6:27 pm

geek_kevymtnz, Aug 26, 6:33 pm

probably need to disable secure boot/ enable legacy boot

geek_king1, Aug 26, 6:34 pm

Shoda got a MAC

geek_djohnston, Aug 26, 7:45 pm


geek_ross1970, Aug 26, 8:19 pm

trying to find the dvd drive to enable it in bios all its detecting is my ssd and hdd if i can enable the dvd drive then ill be all good.

geek_psgarrett, Aug 26, 8:26 pm

Is the SSD an M.2 device, if yes then is the DVD drive connected to sata port 5 or 6?
According to page 68 Sata ports 5 & 6 are disabled when an M.2 device is installed

geek_event_horizon_1, Jan 12, 9:08 am

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